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Rachel Recommends: Appleseed by Matt Bell

Genre: Science fiction/Climate fiction

I devoured this book in a day. Okay, it was a travel day, so I had the time, but it was a captivating read, weaving together three storylines, the exploring and settlement of America to a near-future ravaged by climate change, to the future frozen planet this book posits as the endgame of climate change. It is an enchanting read, weaving together some of my favourite types of stories – fantasy, dystopia, science fiction, and climate fiction. I highly recommend it!

In eighteenth-century Ohio, two brothers travel into the wooded frontier, planting apple orchards from which they plan to profit in the years to come. As they remake the wilderness in their own image, planning for a future of settlement and civilization, the long-held bonds and secrets between the two will be tested, fractured and broken and possibly healed.

Fifty years from now, in the second half of the twenty-first century, climate change has ravaged the Earth.

Having invested early in genetic engineering and food science, one company now owns all the world’s resources. But a growing resistance is working to redistribute both land and power and in a pivotal moment for the future of humanity, one of the company’s original founders will return to headquarters, intending to destroy what he helped build.

A thousand years in the future, North America is covered by a massive sheet of ice. One lonely sentient being inhabits a tech station on top of the glacier and in a daring and seemingly impossible quest, sets out to follow a homing beacon across the continent in the hopes of discovering the last remnant of civilization.

Part speculative epic, part tech thriller, part reinvented fairy tale, Appleseed is an unforgettable meditation on climate change; corporate, civic, and familial responsibility; manifest destiny; and the myths and legends that sustain us all.

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