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Books Books Books, the English Bookshop, was opened on 13th October 2008 by a very frustrated reader, Matthew Wake. At the time he was looking for a particular title, Them by Jon Ronson, and he could not find it anywhere in town. He believed that what Lausanne needed most of all was a friendly, independent bookshop with a knowledgeable staff and a good selection of books.

English Bookshop LogoHe decided to call the shop ‘Books Books Books’ because that was his focus – finding every customer a great story. He chose this logo as the Helvetica font reflects the Swiss origins of the shop and the bold typeface to serve as a reminder to take risks and be open.

Fourteen years later, he is still selling books, now with the extraordinary Rachel Bender who has single-handedly introduced the pleasures and sorrows of fantasy/sci-fi to a larger audience. The bookshop has become a bit of literary hub, welcoming authors, poets, readers and browsers from all walks of life. It has also expanded into school books and 2nd hand books.

Matthew and Rachel appeared in this Books Ireland article.

Matthew wrote about bookselling in the time of COVID for Global Geneva.

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